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Grades of Green

Grades of Green

Center Street Elementary School has a variety of student led environmental programs in place, including a Student Green Team, Walk to School program, Trash Free Tuesdays program, and organic garden with rain water collection barrels. In 2011, Center Streetpartnered with Grades of Green to expand their campus waste reduction program to include a lunchtime sorting system. The current lunchtime sorting system includes landfill, recyclables, bottles and cans only, liquids only, compostable fruit and veggie waste, and various Teracycle collection bins. The school currently creates a mere 2 bags of trash at lunchtime per day. A local business, Air New Zealand, has employees who volunteer their time to assist Center Street in managing their composting program. Center Street is constantly improving their environmental programs and for that we congratulate them!

Center Street Elementary School was recognized for its Styrofoam recycling efforts this academic year (2010-2011) , having won first place in the Expanded Polystryrene Foam tonnage and per capita competitions of the 2010 California K-12 School Recycling Challenge organized by Keep California Beautiful.  Center Street students would “whack and stack” their trays during lunch.  Parent volunteers would then pack the styrofoam trays back into the original boxes.  Our tray supplier would pick up the used trays and bring them to a special facility that recycles styrofoam. The school is currently working to raise funds to purchase reusable trays for the cafeteria and discontinue using styrofoam entirely.

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