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Homework Policy


Teachers assign homework for the following reasons:

  • To reinforce needed skills
  • To extend or enrich classroom experience
  • To encourage independent study habits
  • To make up work missed because of absence
  • To finish work not completed in class
  • To promote personal responsibility


General Criteria:

  • In most cases students should be able to complete homework independently;

however, parent involvement is strongly encouraged to reinforce the imperative

connection between home and school.

  • As the child matures, he/she should assume greater responsibility for completing his/her homework assignments independently and on time.
  • Assignments must assist in meeting classroom objectives.
  • Assignments must be specific and given regularly.
  • Assigned homework should have a specific due date.
  • Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday (special circumstances do apply to long-term projects and individual student needs).


Specific Criteria:

*The following maximum time limit standards have been developed for each grade level:

  • Kinder: Daily Family Reading and extended activities
  • 1st Grade: 20 minutes of homework and 10 minutes of reading
  • 2nd Grade: 30 minutes of homework and 15 minutes of reading
  • 3rd Grade: 45 minutes of homework and 15 minutes of reading
  • 4th Grade: 45-60 minutes of homework and 20 minutes of reading
  • 5th Grade: 60 minutes of homework and 20 minutes of reading Note: Time management is necessary for long term projects and extra time may be required.



  • Teachers are responsible for seeing that completed homework assignments are checked and necessary feedback is given in a timely manner.
  • The student’s curriculum may be modified and adjusted according to his/her individual needs.
  • Parents are responsible for providing the opportunity for their children to complete homework assignments in a quiet environment with necessary supplies provided. They are encouraged to cooperate with and give support to teachers. Parents are responsible for notifying the teacher if students are spending an excessive amount of time completing their homework.
  • Students are responsible for completing their work neatly and returning their assignments on time.