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Parents » FAQs/Policies



Parents/Guardians must call the office every time their student is absent from school. Call (310) 615-2676 ext 301.


If your child requires medication during school hours, it must be brought to the school office with a completed school medication form completed by your doctor. Your student may never have medication in their backpack. Please contact the school office or the nurse for further assistance.

Minimum Days

Minimum Day is scheduled for every Monday for all grades 1-5.

Parent Volunteers

In order to volunteer in your child’s classroom or any classroom on campus, you must have a TB test on file with the school health clerk. The teachers have a list of parents who have a TB test on file. Thank you for your cooperation.

Playgrounds During School Hours

If you are on campus before or after picking up your child to wait for a sibling that may be released at a later time, please remember the classrooms that are still in session. Any noise can be disruptive to learning and the playgrounds are off limits during school hours. You may read quietly in any of the beautiful new seating areas found throughout our newly renovated front horseshoe driveway while waiting for another sibling. Thank you for your understanding!

Student Drop-off/Pick-up

Please note there is no parking allowed on the interior of the horseshoe at the front of the school. We need your help to follow this rule for the safety of our students. This serves as a student drop-off/pick-up location only — NO CAR MAY BE LEFT UNATTENDED.

Visiting Campus

Please sign-in at the office when visiting campus to pick up your child, volunteer or drop items off at the classroom. Safety first!