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Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy:

The El Segundo Unified School District has developed a wellness policy that is focused on improving the health of students.  The Health and Wellness Advisory Council that created the policy includes teachers, parents, administrators, and the district nurse.
Key Areas of the Wellness Policy:
While balance is essential for any wellness policy, we have identified four key areas of our policy:
  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical Activity
  • Activities that promote student wellness
  • Incorporation of the tenets of California Project Lean
What does this mean for Center Street School?
  • We ask that parents respect the policy and try to provide healthy snacks and lunches for children that include food high in nutritious value and low in fats and refined sugars.  
  • We also ask that parents not bring "treats" for birthdays at school.  One alternative is for your child to donate a book to the classroom in honor of his/her birthday.  Work with your child's teacher for other alternatives.
  • School staff will limit the number of celebrations that include food during the school day.  When celebrations do include food during the school day, staff and parents will promote healthy food choices (fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy and dairy-free products) and consider food allergies and parent preferences.
  • We have a Garden Program for TK-5 Grades.  Gardens promote the link between food choices, physical activity, and health in a way that is hands-on and integrated into the standards-based curriculum.
Please visit the ESUSD's Website Wellness Page for more information.