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News and Announcements

TK/Kinder Orientation 2021-2022

Click here to view the "TK/K Orientation 21-22" presentation. Look under the "Important Documents" section of the "Parents" menu for a copy of the slide deck.

March is all about Reading at CSS

March Madness Reading Challenge, Readathon and Virtual Book Fair will light up Cougar minds this month!
Click on the headline for more information.

Center Street School is a California Green Ribbon School

Center Street School has been named a California Green Ribbon School. PTA president, Tracey Miller-Zarneke and our principal, Ms. Monahan, accepted our Bronze Level award from State Superintendent of Instruction Tom Torlakson at a statewide event.

Changes that we have made to our practices, including: recycling, composting, eliminating single use water bottles, planting drought tolerant gardens, encouraging walking to school and trash free lunches all contributed to our eligibility for this award. Only 17 public schools in California received the CA Green Ribbon School Award - so we feel very proud of our accomplishment.

Our Green Team and all of the ecologically minded faculty, parents and staff continue to build earth consciousness in the next generation of citizens of our planet.

Heros Around Me: PTA Reflections Winners 2019

Congratulations to the following students who have been recognized for their entries in the 50th National PTA Reflections Reflections contest:

Visual Arts – Primary
Antonio Cotrufo - Award of Excellence 3D
Ella Pak - Award of Excellence 2D
Cooper Quinnan - Award of Merit 2D
Michael Saenz - Award of Merit 3D

Visual Arts – Intermediate
Eamon Bucknell - Award of Excellence 3D
Chase Lai-Yates - Award of Merit 2D
Bennett Lee - Award of Excellence 2D

Photography – Primary
Kaila Davidson - Award of Merit
Cohen Liberty - Award of Excellence

Photography – Intermediate
Emory Bucknell - Award of Excellence
Ellen Dull - Award of Excellence
Kapish Joshi - Award of Merit

Dance Choreography – Primary
Liam Davidson - Award of Excellence

Dance Choreography – Intermediate
Danny Smith - Award of Merit
Rebecca Snow - Award of Excellence

Music Composition – Intermediate
Roland Hoffman - Award of Excellence
Danny Smith - Award of Merit

Literature – Primary
Naomi Kenton - Award of Excellence

Literature – Intermediate
Auriana Barragan - Award of Merit
Supe Shreyas - Award of Excellence

Film Production – Intermediate
Nola Davidson - Award of Excellence
Danny Smith - Award of Merit

All first place entries have been forwarded on to El Segundo Council for recognition.
We are so proud of these talented Cougars!

New Health Screener starting Tuesday 30 March

Center Street, along with Richmond Street, will be discontinuing the use of the BCHD health screener and switching over to the Ruvna health screener. Please checkout the updated Reopening Handbook for more details, and be on the lookout for a Ruvna text message with a link to the screener each morning.

Congratulations to CSS ESFD/ES Rotary Club Winners

Center Street Students CLEANED UP in this year’s Rotary/ESFD Fire Safety Poster Contest taking five out of the nine top awards! This year’s CSS winners were:
Nola Davidson
Malia Kenton
Sophia Mahmoud
Molly McAndrews
Ethan Relles
Julia Zhang
Congratulations to these talented artists – and thank you to the El Segundo Rotary Club and the Firefighters for the opportunity.
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