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September is Attendance Awareness Month

El Segundo Unified School District
School Attendance Awareness Month
Resolution No. 2

WHEREAS the Governing Board of the El Segundo Unified School District values and encourages student attendance as an important component of student academic and social success, and places student attendance as one of its top priorities; and

WHEREAS, student attendance is critical towards graduation from high school and needs to be valued and encouraged consistently as early as the elementary school years; and

WHEREAS, the district is committed to dedicating resources and focus to reduce student absenteeism, with a particular attention on those students with chronic absenteeism; and

WHEREAS, all students are affected by irregular student attendance in that teachers need to spend valued instructional time reviewing material for those students who were absent for lessons; and

WHEREAS, student attendance can be improved and maintained consistently when schools, families, and various community resources work together to create a positive culture of student attendance and identify and resolve those issues that impede student attendance;

NOW BE IT RESOLVED, that the El Segundo Unified School District is committed to improving, consistently maintaining, encouraging, and fostering successful school attendance for all students so as to ensure student academic and social achievement.

Adopted by the Governing Board of the El Segundo Unified School District on the 12th day of September 2017.

Presentation from Last Night
For your reference and use, please see attachment. This is the Power Point Presentation that was furnished to the Board last night.

​Link to Attendance Graphic​
​The following is the graphic that was demonstrated to the Board last night. Please utilize this in our attendance narrative and marketing campaign.​

PTA Reflections Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have won the Reflections contest and will move on to the district level!

Primary Visual Arts: Bennett Lee, Grade 2, “Adventure in Zion”
Primary Film Production: Danny Smith, Grade 2, “Skylanders are Awesome”
Primary Music Composition: Autumn Layne, Grade 2, “Ghosty Nights”
Intermediate Music Composition: Conrad Hoffman, Grade 5, “Vita Allegra, Cheerful Life"
Intermediate Dance Choreography: Sammi Smith, Grade 4, “Halloween Hornpipe”
Primary Photography: Gianna Holm, Grade 2, “A Walk in a Park”
Intermediate Photography: Elias Doell, Grade 5, “Half Way Between”

We are so proud of these talent Cougars!

Congratulations to CSS ESFD/ES Rotary Club Winners

Center Street Students CLEANED UP in this year’s Rotary/ESFD Fire Safety Poster Contest taking five out of the nine top awards! This year’s CSS winners were:
Marie Marcais - 1st place in 5th grade
Julia Zhang – 1st place in 4th grade
Finley McAndrews – 2nd place in 4th grade
Nikita Bertoni – 1st place in 3rd grade
Alexandra Callahan – 3rd place in 3rd grade
Congratulations to these talented artists – and thank you to the El Segundo Rotary Club and the Firefighters for the opportunity.

Join the El Segundo Ed! Foundation

Every student wins through programs funded by your donations to the El Segundo Education Foundation (Ed!). For only $34 a month ($400 a year), you will make a difference at the CSS by helping to fund elementary programs such as: CGI – Math (DIRECTV), Computer Science (Boeing), Library, Literacy Specialist Support, Physical Education (Skechers), STEM (Chevron, NRG), Art and Spanish. This year, the El Segundo Unified School District has asked the community to step up and help fund additional programs. We’ve accepted the challenge with a pledge to raise a $1.3 million grant and need your help! Make your annual donation today at
For ‘extra credit’ become a Superintendent’s Roundtable member by donating just $100 a month. Every student wins through programs funded by your donations to the El Segundo Education Foundation (Ed!). Go to today.

New Marquee

CSS has a beautiful stained glass cougar welcoming families to our school. The work was designed by Janet Read (“retired” CSS teacher and mother of Presley) and crafted by Michael “Percy” Pirsztuk of The Glass Idea Co. in El Segundo. Thank you to PTA for helping us make this a reality – and YES our cougar is sharing his habitat with a blue butterfly! We are united in nature and in our El Segundo community.

School Site Council Meeting

September 27th at 3 pm will be our first meeting of this school year. SSC is responsible for implementing a five goal school plan and allocating state School Improvement Program funds in a manner that will strengthen instruction and learning and further improve our school culture. It is an excellent venue to learn about the challenges Center Street faces, the strategies put in place to produce results, and the many achievements of the students, teachers and staff. All parents and teachers are welcome to our meetings and minutes are posted on our website.

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After School Band Flyer (4th & 5th Grade)
CA Dept. of Ed. to Release Student Information in Lawsuit
STEM Night Article from Air Force News
Attendance Information for Parents
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CSS School Site Council
Date: 9/26/2017, 3 PM 4 PM
CSS PTA Meeting
Date: 9/27/2017, 6:30 PM 8 PM
National Walk to School Day
Date: 10/4/2017, 8 AM 9 AM
CASE Food Drive
Date: 10/9/2017
CASE Food Drive
Date: 10/10/2017